Wednesday, July 23, 2008

India Stock Markets, Indian Stocks :- BHEL and Crompton Greaves

Sensex ended on a huge high!!! I took this opportunity to get out of BHEL and Crompton Greaves.

I bought BHEL at 1638 and Crompton at 237, Sold them today at 1786 and 257 resp.

Its not that I wanted to make a gain, I think this rally was pure hysteria and wont last long!!

I think both BHEL and Crompton have a little more downside where I want to re-enter and then hold them for long. I believe in both these companies but not comfortable holding them at 1600 and 240. Will be comfortable to hold them for long at 1400 and 210 resp.

I will see how the markets now and if there is no immediate downside then will get into Satyam. It is at a good support level and it has bounced back pretty couple of times before and I dont see any change in the market conditions or with the company itself to prevent another rally.


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