Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Satyam plans to send staff on sabbatical to trim costs

"Satyam plans to send staff on sabbatical to trim costs" - This is another headline that caught my eye today. They are doing an infosys and want to send employees for social causes and they will make a final decision on this based on the third quarter results. The following is the snippet from the news report

The company is looking at sending its employees on a sabbatical, but will take a final decision depending on the third-quarter results. Satyam has already scaled down its hiring projections for the current fiscal to around 8,000-10,000 compared to 15,000 that it had earlier projected.

“We are looking at various options to reduce costs and sabbatical is one such option. We will be able to shift our employees to take up social activities relating to our own corporate social responsibility programmes. Employees can also look at working with NGOs during the time of sabbatical. But, they will have to compromise on their salary during sabbatical as the pay structure will be lower than what they are currently drawing,” said SV Krishnan, global head (HR), Satyam Computer Services.